.HOTEL Domain

.HOTEL Domains

Introducing dotHOTEL – New Domain Names for Hotel Sites

hotel domain

Hotel related websites no longer need to settle for a second rate name in the .com, .net or other country specific Top Level Domain. Soon, all hotel sites, from properties, to reviews, to bargain shopping or booking sites will be able to secure a distinctive web address ending with .HOTEL

Imagine, rather than somerandom.com., or an ordinary.net, you can have YourName.HOTEL !

The .HOTEL Domain is great for:

  • Major Hotel Chains- Marriott.hotel, Hilton.hotel
  • Locational Hotels- CannonBeach.hotel, ScenicMaine.hotel
  • Travel and Informational Sites – 5star.hotel, NewYork.hotel, bestdeals.hotel

a dotHOTEL Domain Name is the perfect name for your Hotel Website

How is .HOTEL Possible ?

The Domain Name System is getting an overhaul! After years of dominance and confinement by the .com boom, new domain names are being introduced. Soon, you will see web addresses such as Infosource.WEB, CentralDiner.NYC, sightseeingtours.LONDON, Online.Casino and also AtlantaBudget.HOTEL! This is made possible by a little known organization that manages internet names called ICANN.  learn more

Why are they doing this?

It’s obvious really, the current naming structure is running out of space. The internet has experienced such explosive growth that it’s extremely difficult to find a logical, meaninful domain for your new website at a decent price. More often than not, a newcomer will only find the name that fits their business best is already reserved and used, or parked. New domain names will bring variety, choice and competition into the domain name space. This will give end users a larger selection and better pricing. Plus, new names will bring meaning to the right side of the dot where before there was none. more

More dot HOTEL Domain Info

Regardless of where in the world you happen to be, there are plenty of hotels that you can pick from. Any time a person is browsing for a hotel to stay in, they want to be able to find one easily and quickly while not having to shop around an awful lot. That ‘s the reason that we believe that .HOTEL top level domain will likely be a great addition.

When somebody is looking to get a hotel and they see the .HOTEL domain, they’re going to learn without delay they are going to be in a position to get what they’re seeking from the site. Regardless of if the web site is regarding a large hotel chain or perhaps a tiny hotel that’s managed by just a husband and wife, the top level domain with .HOTEL is going to make an impact in the business that a website will probably get.

Because of so many varied hotel internet websites who are on the net at present, standing away from the remainder is going to make a significant difference. For those who are setting up hotel businesses or anyone who has their hotel business and is also hoping to get more business, the top level domain of .HOTEL is a superb option. You should have extra choices compared to you do now with the address that you can use because the .HOTEL shall be fresh and you will probably discover that it’s able to genuinely help make a significant difference in your hotel business.

When the .HOTEL top level domain becomes available, think about switching to it and make a big difference in your business and your life.